November Tale of Oshala the Hex, “Battle of Oak and Acorn,” now available

I hope you’re all enjoying this month’s Wayfarings of Sabit story, “Blossom of Ruin.” Chapter Fifteen goes up tomorrow!

November’s Tale of Oshala the Hex, “Battle of Oak and Acorn,” is now available. I know that stories are supposed to be like children and I’m supposed to love them all equally. But this one is my favorite tale I’ve written so far. I’m very pleased with the way the multiple strands of the story came together, and am excited to be able to share it with you.

Plus, what’s not to love about armies of ghostly soldiers?

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About the Story:

A world of dark sorcery—an age of sharpened bronze. An ancient battlefield holds both a deathly curse and the potential for a brighter future. Can Oshala the Hex lay to rest two armies of spectres locked in centuries of conflict, or will the blood of innocents water this field once more?

This is a 5,000-word short story in the sword-and-sorcery genre.

The ebook is available from these retailers:

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“The Mercy We Make” the first tale of Oshala the Hex, now available

The Mercy We Make Cover
My first foray into sword-and-sorcery fiction is now available!

I’ve never found the “sword” quite as compelling as the “sorcery”, so the main character of my stories, Oshala the Hex, is a sorceress who has sacrificed part of herself in exchange for magical power that few others possess.

In this first short story, “The Mercy We Make”, Oshala the Hex is a solitary figure who breaches the stoic mountain fastness of a long-forgotten emperor in search of an ancient artifact. The undying spirits within welcome a new, living soul to torment. But who will get the better of whom? Can Oshala the Hex escape where multitudes have fallen? Will her mission of mercy end in triumph, or eons of unending torment?

Check back next month for a new tale of Oshala the Hex.

The first 5,000-word tale is now available from these fine retailers: