Serial Homicide Unit

A crime scene investigation with yellow police tape, reading "Police line. Do not Cross."

Serial Homicide Unit is a game about hunting … people. Players will take on the roles of everyday men and women who strive after their hopes and dreams, not knowing that a serial killer hunts them. Players also take on the roles of the investigators hunting down the killer before another body is found. No one plays the serial killer.

The game is designed to play in about 3 hours, including preparation time. You don’t even need to read the rules beforehand! The game consists of 14 audio files that take you step-by-step through gameplay, teaching you how to play as you play.

A brief, playable demo is available for free download: Serial Homicide Unit Demo

The physical edition of the game is no longer available from Incarnadine Press.

The electronic edition of the game is available right here! Click the PayPal button to purchase. Please allow 48 hours for order fulfillment: Buy Now Button

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  • Gerald Cameron reviewed the game on Game Cryer – September 2009

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