“The Mercy We Make” the first tale of Oshala the Hex, now available

The Mercy We Make Cover
My first foray into sword-and-sorcery fiction is now available!

I’ve never found the “sword” quite as compelling as the “sorcery”, so the main character of my stories, Oshala the Hex, is a sorceress who has sacrificed part of herself in exchange for magical power that few others possess.

In this first short story, “The Mercy We Make”, Oshala the Hex is a solitary figure who breaches the stoic mountain fastness of a long-forgotten emperor in search of an ancient artifact. The undying spirits within welcome a new, living soul to torment. But who will get the better of whom? Can Oshala the Hex escape where multitudes have fallen? Will her mission of mercy end in triumph, or eons of unending torment?

Check back next month for a new tale of Oshala the Hex.

The first 5,000-word tale is now available from these fine retailers:

Out, out brief candle

All good things must come to an end. Over the next few weeks, Incarnadine Press will be shutting down operations. My life has changed considerably in the last six months, and I have found myself unable to devote any time to game publishing. I believe that when the party’s over, somebody ought to turn out the lights.

Incarnadine products will be coming down from IPR and the Un-store. I have a few physical copies of Serial Homicide Unit remaining. If anyone’s interested in those, let me know.

We’re not away completely. Kat and I still intend on running the Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation 2011.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed With Great Power… and Serial Homicide Unit (and Discernment and War Stories, too) over the years. I’m glad we could help you have a bit of fun.

As for this blog, I don’t know. I might post about my real life stuff. I might chime in with gaming-related thoughts from time-to-time.