It’s Thursday and I logged 44 hours at work this week. Luckily, that’s the last workday this week. And next. I’ve got TEN DAYS OFF!!!

We’ll be camping, so e-mail response, etc. will be spotty. Call me if anything’s urgent!

By The Stars — CryoSleep — Week Forty-Two

Week 42. The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Ten weeks shy of a year. And I’ve barely touched the game in the last month. Game development tends to go in cycles for me: a few weeks or even months of intense activity, followed by a few weeks of doldrums.

The latest doldrums have been triggered by a swath of Real Life problems. Extreme stress at work, my dad’s health, home maintainence, etc. There was supposed to be a tentative playtest this Sunday, June 10. But over half my playtesters have already told me the won’t be able to make it. Such is the curse of summertime–everybody likes to do stuff. So I’m going to set up a playtest for June 24. It will be the last one before I (hopefully) run the game for strangers at Origins. Between now and then I need to rewrite and expand the number of characters in both “The Illyrian Crisis” and “The Myth of Planet Earth.” And I need to codify a turn structure that we’ll be testing out.

The good news is that I’ll be camping from June 15-22, so I’ll have a little bit of free head-space to think about such things.