End of the month-from-hell

It’s the last day of May. I logged more than 200 billable hours this month (which means I was here longer than that). As far as most things I would choose to do with my life, May was pretty much a lost month. My embryonic games are just as embryonic as they were 3 weeks ago. Good thing I haven’t set publicaction dates yet.

However, today is my wedding anniversary. Nine years ago today imogena and I were married. I’m luckier to have her now than I was then.

It’s a workday with plenty of extra chores to do, so I don’t know how much celebrating we’ll get done. Even so, it’s a good day. And, hopefully, a better month is just around the corner.

PROMOTION–Threat or Menace?

I got a promotion at work yesterday. I’m now the “assistant production manager.”

I also worked more than 12 hours without a single break.

What’s the point of working if I only get to work more?

The fact that I find messes like the Games On Demand thing when I get home makes it all so much better. 😛

I have no idea when I’ll be able to work on my games-in-progress again.

A one-trick pony

Watched Sin City last night. I’d never read the comics–they didn’t look like my kind of thing. Seems I was right.

I liked the movie well enough. The visual spectacle was stunning and well-crafted. Robert Rodriguez definitely knows what he wants to see and knows how to get it.

The stories themselves were … well, I felt like I’d heard them all before. All the heroes are tough-as-nails, terse, grim killers highly skilled in the ways of violence–with some small “code” to their killing that sets them apart from the criminals they ravage. “I’m not killing you for my own gain, I’m killing you for this crummy, little ideal.” The women were pretty much the same, only a little less so. They’re all renditions of The Dark Knight. I guess Frank Miller only has one character in him, and writes about him over and over. And that character is perfectly on-target for the escapist power fantasies of boys and young men. Fully consumed by his rage, inhumanly compotent, emotionally dead–except for a single, fleeting, over-idealized spark that keeps him from “crossing the line”–this character allows all the vicarious joy of being evil and hurting other people, while still enjoying the authorial (and audience) approval of being the “good guy.”

I guess that’s why he’s so popular.

It wasn’t funny the first time

It’s 3AM.

I just got back from walking the dog.

Funny thing is, this was supposed to be my night to catch up on sleep after waking up exhausted 2 days in a row.

After putting in a 12-hour day at work yesterday (today don’t look much better), we watched Mr. Howl’s Moving Castle from Studio Ghibli. Beautiful, beautiful film–as is all their stuff. Why can the Japanese make steampunk and magic look so cool, when games make it just seem lasersharked?

In the “Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day” department, Jason Roberts, my cousin & the genius behind FVLMINATA: Armed with Lightning, has started a LiveJournal at iuppiteroptmax. It’s his first step to bringin Thyrsus Games back from the grave, and I wish him loads of luck.

Now, do I bother trying to go back to sleep?