By The Stars — Working. Working. — Week Tweny-Six

It’s been a nasty week at work, including half a day today (Sunday) and next week looks worse. But, I actually made some notes on the setting (yes, you read that right, I wrote setting-notes) of By The Stars. I was thinking about the rationale for and structure of an interstellar government. Combine it with some hazily-remembered history books from my grad school days and:

This needs an interstellar civilization. A sort of combination of Lucas’ Empire, Asimov’s Empire, and Le Guin’s Ekumen. Here’s the thing: History teaches us that dynamic, active, vibrant cultures are those that bridge two civilizations, like the Italian city-states in the 14th century, England in the 19th century, and the U.S. in the 20th. If current trends toward a homogenization of culture continues, there will be only one culture, one way of thinking. This leads to ossification, stagnation, and unpreparedness for unexpected threats.

If the brain trust of the interstellar government saw this monolithic culture as enough of a threat, they would seed isolated colonies across the cosmos to create different cultural viewpoints. Perhaps entire prisons full of Opinion Criminals (or potential Opinion Criminals) were loaded onto colony ships and crashed onto potential planets.

The knights might be from one of these planets. This also allows for a “create your own planet” akin to Everway’s spheres.

Flash forward a few centuries since the seeding. What has happened is small-scale skirmishes, wars, trade disputes, star-crossed lovers and lots of drama. The reactionaries (who never really understood the seeding anyway) have had enough of these upstarts squandering the gifts the central authority has given them, and for piracy and low dealings and the like. They take over the central government, cast out/hunt down the far-thinking, Hari Seldon-esque monks (whose order presided over the Seeding) and organize the Singularity to crush out all diversity, conquer the outer colonies, and bring law and order to the galaxy.

That’s a villian worth stopping.

That’s all for this week. Next week may be late due to President’s Day. See you then!

By The Stars — Working. Working. — Week Twenty-Five

What? No confession?

I’ve nothing to confess but being re-invigorated about designing my game.

By The Stars? Didn’t you pull the plug on that thing a month ago?

Some games just don’t know when to stay dead. Running a By The Stars scenario powered by WGP… at Dreamation last week really re-invigorated my interest in developing the game. I’ve got fresh ideas, and renewed confidence in the game’s reception.

Fresh ideas? How can you say you have fresh ideas in a genre as done-to-death as space opera?

The same way I had fresh ideas about the genre of superheroes. In fact, I’ll be stealing liberally from With Great Power… and drawing on the patterns I’ve seen it produce in play.

For instance, the best Strife aspects I get at conventions are Motivations: The aspects that describe why a character does what he does. In By The Stars, Oaths will, of course, privledge motivation above other parts of the character. Each character will have three Oaths:

  • An Oath that describes a goal the character wants for himself.
  • An Oath that describes a goal the character wants for another PC or NPC.
  • An Oath that describes how that character wants to rewrite another character’s first or second Oath.
    That last one makes Oaths into a fusion of WGP…’s Motivation Aspects and Villian’s Plans. Cool, eh?

    One of the differences between superheroic fiction and the variety of space opera I’m emulating with BTS is the way the whole good vs. evil struggle is portrayed. In the types of superhero stories WGP… is set up to do, you know who the heroes and the villains are from the first page, and they never change. Star Wars is rife with changing sides. Han shoots Greedo, but then saves the day in the end. Lando seems trustworthy, betrays them, then rescues them. Vader kills the Emperor. Those things don’t work under a bipolar setup like WGP… This new Oath structure will support multi-polar play in BTS.

    It will take more than Oaths, and I’ve got some cool ideas about how the card system will work. Plus, Bill has suggested ways to morph the Story Arc into a template for the Campbellian Hero’s Journey that could prove fruitful. And, I’ve contacted my local game store about possibly running in-store demoes of WGP… and possibly using that as a vector to meet new players. We’ll see what they say.

    But that’s all grist for next week’s mill. See you then!

  • Yummy Moral Ambiguity

    Last week, Kat and I started watching Veronica Mars, Season 2 on DVD that she borrowed from Michele months ago. It was so good we started watching 3-4 episodes at a shot, and finished the season last night. It’s witty, exciting, full of twists, with only the occasional shortcut. Kat tells me Season 1 was better, so we’ll likely be watching soon.

    There was one thing about the season finale that was really provocative. I’m gonna try to avoid spoiler territory by not using character names, but if you like to preserve all the surprises, you’d best stop reading now.

    Read more

    It’s Move-In Day!

    Five years ago today, Kat and I became parents when Dalys came to live with us full-time. We’re having a little family cake-and-ice-cream kind of party.

    She gets teased a bit because she gets so many of these throughout the year: her birthday, her move-in day, her name day (the day the adoption became official). Kat and I just say “We’ve got eleven years of birthdays to make up for.”

    Can we ever really make up for those trying, turbulent years? Dalys is sixteen now and will likely be navigating her own turbulent life before too many more years pass. Some days I only see the ways she’s different than Kat and I.

    But on days like today, I’m just happy that she’s ours.

    (and that Kat learned how to make empinadas because of her–mmm, mmm, good!)

    Oops! and Surreality

    The Dreamation Master Schedule is up!

    It seems I’m scheduled to run By The Stars on Friday at 2pm. Problem is, I packed the game up in an unfinished state and forgot to cancel the Dreamation session. I suppose I’ll just run the Sorcerer game I ran at Southern Exposure and hope no one shows.


    The alarm woke me from a strange dream. A whole bunch of us indie-folk were going out for Thai food at a convention. I think it was a dream-facsimile of The King and I restaurant in Milwaulkee. There was a very long wait to get everyone seated, because they were seating 3-4 people from our group at a time. When we finally got seated, Kat and Dalys were down at the end of a table, next to Keith Senkowski. There were no more chairs on the end, so Kat suggested I sit closer to the middle of the table, next to Luke Crane. Next bit of the dream I remember is me hanging out in the vestibule of the restaurant until my food arrives, listening to my MP3 player. A local friend who’s not terribly fond of the indie scene kept bothering me with stupid questions while I waited.

    Whatever the dream meant, I woke up feeling melancholy.