How best to exchange info?

A follow-up to yesterday’s Dreamation discussion. I just posted this to the Forge thread discussing the new Dreamation policies:

Just this morning, I was thinking what games I might possibly run at the con. I thought “I like running Ganakagok, but I’m not sure I’d want to run it twice. Maybe Bill White’s in the same boat and we could split a slot.” This is all well and good for me, who knows Bill and can simply e-mail him. But not everyone has those same connections, or knows what others’ interests are. There ought to be somewhere that I could make this information known and seek out other GMs who could supplement my games, and vice versa.

Could we just add a page to the wiki to do this? Is there a better way?

So, folks out there who know technology better than I do, what are your thoughts on that last issue. What’s the best way to do this?

IGE schedule extension

Looks like a-more-demanding-than-expected holiday season have gotten the better of Kat and my schedule-discipline. We’re extending the deadline until Wednesday, January 7 for all events to be in to us. For all those who’ve sent questions, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

SHU, MG, IGE–Acronyms Assemble!

I’ve got the proof of Serial Homicide Unit in my hands. It needs a few tweaks, but on the whole, it looks good. We won’t be able to ship physical copies before the end of the year, but January 15 looks VERY likely. Yay! Preorders will open in the next week.

There was lots of noise and chaos in the house yesterday. None of it needed my help, so I read through my PDF of the Mouse Guard RPG. Wow! I love the way Luke and company keep their games firmly rooted in sweat and mud. In this game, mud can even kill you!

Plus, they’ve streamlined the Burning Wheel architecture down to its most essential parts. I playtested it back at Dreamation and commented that it seemed like an implementation of Burning Wheel that could actually fit into my life. Reading it, I can see that I was right. I’ll be running two sessions of it at Dreamation.

I’ll also be running two sessions of Serial Homicide Unit. And a session of Mechaton for good measure. I’m toying around with possibly running a session of Ganakagok, but I’m not sure.

Speaking of which, deadline for IGE registration is less than three weeks away and we’ve only had a handful of people sign up! C’mon, people. It’s the Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation! Run some fun!