Incarnadine Press–Sales 1st Quarter 2009

It’s been a very long time since I did this. Back in the ol’ days of 2005-2006, everyone was doing posting their sales numbers in service of the community. Nowadays, only drivingblind posts sales numbers. Since I’m at the complete other end of the spectrum from Fred, I’m going to post my numbers. In order to get a complete picture of SHU sales, I’m also including December 2008.

WGP… [PDF] WGP… [Physical] Serial Homicide Unit [Electronic] Serial Homicide Unit [Physical]
Dec 2008 0 3 5 0
Jan 2009 0 1 13 12
Feb 2009 4 2 4 13
Mar 2009 0 2 1 0

I’ve got ideas about how to mitigate that downward trend, but I haven’t been able to gather the wherewithal to make any of them happen.

How’s things in your publishing?

1st Quarter 2006 Sales

It’s that time again. Spring has sprung and Sales Data is thick in the air. Actually, not quite so thick as once it was. So far, I’ve only seen Keith’s sales for Conspiracy of Shadows. That’s alright, though. Here’s my picture with ugly (but highly-contrasting) colors:

sales graph

The green in January is Dreamation, where WGP… did very well for itself. You’ll notice a new ugly color this time: Magenta for PDF sales. They’re slow and steady, but I kinda like ’em. I might just have to sign up with RPGnow. The mixed-green in March is ICON, which I did not attend, but Luke & Tony moved 2 copies anyway. Thanks, Luke & Tony!

I don’t do nearly as much promotion as I probably should. I answer questions on my forum. Help show people how to play. Run the game at a handful of conventions. My online presence is tiny. But good word-of-mouth about a well-crafted, fun game seems to carry itself. Over in This is My Blog, Ben sums up a great many years of hard-won indie publishing wisdom. I think I’m a living example of that stuff in practice.

And if they all jumped off a bridge…

It’s January and sales data is thick in the air. Here’s a smattering I’ve found:

My sales for With Great Power… since the release of the Full Edition at GenCon in August looks like this:

WGP... 2005 Sales Data

Almost half the year’s sales in the first month, but GenCon skews this pretty badly. I had no conventions in November or December, but IPR made some solid retailer orders. Online orders were up in December, but that was part of the Christmas rush.

Of course, Brennan has reminded me that I would have sold more to individuals and a good deal more to retailers if I had managed to keep the game in stock throughout December. That’s something to be certain to avoid in the future.

Sales were not nearly as bad as I was whining about last week. I originally said that I wanted to sell (and work) 10% as much as Luke. Well, Luke sold out the 1,500 copy first print run of BW Revised in about 5 months, so I’m on target so far. But keeping up will take some work.