Dictionary of Mu via IRC

To get more specific, here is what I posted to the Indie-Netgaming mailing list:

I will be starting a new game over IRC. I’ll be running the Sorcerer
supplement, Dictionary of Mu. The author’s brief description: Dictionary of Mu: Edgar
Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom meets Robert Howard’s Kull meets the Holy
Bible on Mars.”

We’ll be playing on Sunday nights, 7:30pm to around 11:00pm Eastern
time. Assume that Oct. 7 will be entirely character creation and
that play itself will start on Oct. 14.

Familiarity with Sorcerer and the Dictionary is encouraged, but not
absolutely necessary. I bit more info is available about the
Dictionary at the Dictionary of Mu Wiki Many
Sorcerer rules clarifications can be found at the Sorcerer

I can only take 4 players. If more people are interested, I’ll have
to narrow it down somehow.

We’ll meet in the #indierpgs channel and then move to a #marr’d_ooc
channel. I haven’t done very much IRC gaming, so any suggestions are
most appreciated.

If you’re interested, please let me know either here or in e-mail.