A week of ups and downs, but my game chef entry is finally done: Exiles of Will is away. Here’s the intro:

The glories of the canon are past, but five wandering characters live on. Although their plays have finished, and their epilogues have been spoken, some characters have still not found peace. They have been exiled from their homelands. They seek completion, and a curtain call of their own. No longer upstaged by the gaiety of others’ wedding feasts, or the woes of others’ funeral pyres, these wanderers are the Exiles of Will.

I was rusty, but I powered through and finished!

Little Game Chef — Done!

I just submitted a game for Little Game Chef. I hadn’t planned on entering, but I had a few nearly-sleepless nights this week, and a weird, geeky little game flowed out of me. It’s 110% derivative. I don’t think there’s an original bone in its tiny, 2-page body.

The contest is anonymous, so I won’t post the name of my game right here, right now. Anyone who wants a copy, e-mail me. I don’t know if it’s a straight game or a parody or what, but I just read it aloud to Kat and was laughing so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks. I’ve got a grin plastered on my puss that I haven’t felt in a while. Even if I never touch the game again, it was FUN to write.