Blossom of Ruin: Fourteen

Leaving the camp in the cool of the night, Sabit and Allamu made their way back to the main road, picking their way between rocks, navigating by the stars and dead reckoning. When their sandals clopped onto the hard-packed road, Sabit turned to the east.

“We cannot go to Elpasné,” Allamu said. “Mine was the last party to get out before the siege sealed it off.”

“Siege?” Sabit asked. “Who would lay siege to a city in middle of the desert? It is madness.”

“Before I fled, I heard rumors of every possible culprit, and many impossible,” Allamu replied. “I thought I saw a three-legged ram on the banners of the siege forces, but cannot say for certain.”

Sabit stared at the pinkish glow blooming on the eastern horizon. “The standard of Ghabar is a three-legged ram. Irkalla is wise, but loved her son fiercely. If she believed that his blood were on Elpasné’s head, she would raze the city to its foundation and poison its miraculous oasis for all time. I must stop her from a senseless act she will regret. I bid you well, Allamu.”

“If we walk separate paths,” Allamu said, “I will not be able to give you my father’s ransom. Let it never be said that Allamu walks away from his debts.”

Dawn broke over the arid red rocks of the eastern horizon. Sabit smiled at Allamu. “Let us find shelter from the day’s heat. We have many a long nights’ walks ahead of us.”


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