A funny thing happend this morning…

My normal morning routine is: Alarm rings @ 5:20 AM. I pull on sweats and sneaks and walk the dog. Get back a bit before 6, shower & start the day.

This morning I rolled out of bed, Pull on sweats and sneaks. I let the dog out of Daly’s room and take her out. I feel completely exhausted, like I barely got any sleep. What a way to start the weekend I think.

Ginger’s walking slower than normal. I don’t pay it much attention. I don’t see the paperboy like normal, but I don’t pay that much heed either. God, I’m tired.

Upon returning from our walk, I glance at the wall clock in the dining room. 1:56 AM My first thought: Damn! I’m going to have to change the battery in that clock!

My cell phone confirms that, yes, it isn’t quite 2 in the morning yet, and now I’ve got to find someway to get back to sleep now that my heart’s all pumped up for the day.

* * *

Funny thing is, even though I’m tired today, my brain is a-jumpin’ with game ideas. Does anyone else find a correlation between mild sleep deprivation and creativity?