Sisterhood of the Lioness: Seventeen

Sabit’s shoulder felt stiff and sore the day she returned to the Pride. Her battle wound had healed over, and the care lavished upon it by Meriama had kept infection at bay. But the moon had been reborn twice since she had taken her spear on a hunt. After so long being accepted by the greater Sisterhood, would Sabit need to prove herself to her fellow members of the Pride?
As she entered the inner compound, reserved only for members of the Pride, none of the others met her gaze. Sabit had last seen these warriors at her side during the battle with the sorcerer. Even though Sabit had ended the threat of the sorcerer with her own spear, it seemed that she still had not won the respect of her fellows.
One by one, the warriors stepped aside. Heads down, arms clasped behind their backs, the hunting-women of the Pride formed two rows, facing one another. Their bodies formed the only path that Sabit could take: Into the private quarters of Dessine, chief huntress of the Pride.

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