Sisterhood of the Lioness: Sixteen

For the next few weeks of Sabit’s recovery, she and Meriama were constant companions. The leader of the Sisterhood of the Lioness introduced the spear woman to seemingly everyone the Sisterhood had helped. Throughout the countryside, there was no shortage of farmsteads with well-patched roofs, isolated shepherd’s huts free of bandits, and tiny villagers enjoying fresh-dug wells. Everywhere Meriama took her, Sabit saw growth and gratitude.
Even more surprising was how easily the Sisterhood, and those who had benefited from their good works, welcomed Sabit. To them, she was not an intimidating stranger with a talent for killing. These people accepted Sabit as a respected companion, and cared nothing for her blood-drenched past. Few had granted her such regard in her days—and never so many at one time. The sense of belonging was intoxicating. In the Sisterhood, Sabit had found a place for herself—perhaps, even a home.
All that changed the day that Sabit was well enough to return to the Pride.

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