Bazaar of Death: Nine

In the deepest reaches of the night, Sabit dreamt.

  • • •

A battlefield—littered with bodies, flowing with blood. The acrid tang of smoke. A vicious war-cry. Numberless ranks of foes. The taste of copper at Sabit’s lip. A brutal charge.

Everywhere, the dance of battle. Sabit’s spear—long and sharp and cruel. The iron tip piercing an enemy’s gut, another’s chest, another’s throat. Savagery on every side. Struggle at every turn.

Sabit, victorious against every foe.

Cheers from her fellows. Cheers from the carrion birds in the sky. Cheers from the dead at her feet. “Hail, Sabit! Hail, victory!”

The thrill of triumph—coursing through her every fiber, pulsing like her very blood. The scent of conquest in the wind. The color of mastery in the clouds. The rhythm of supremacy beneath her feet.

An old woman’s cackle.

All of it stripped away. Sabit—naked, worthless, alone.

  • • •

That night, she dreamt no more.



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