Bazaar of Death: Eight

The man in the cloak lunged at Sabit, his bronze blade whistling toward her throat. Sabit dropped to a crouch, the strike that sought to take her head sailing uselessly above. She punched the man in the side with a fury that sent him lurching to the ground, vomit spewing from his mouth.

Kehnan dodged his assailant’s first swing. Drawing his own sword, he lunged hard, his greater reach allowing his blade to cut a deep gash across the cloaked man’s chest. With a strangely gurgling cry, the would-be robber collapsed at Kehnan’s feet.

Sabit kicked her puking attacker, sending him rolling toward his fellow. The other man leaped over the fleshy form, bringing his bronze blade down swiftly toward Sabit’s head. With a serpent’s speed, she grabbed his arm with both her hands. His blade hovered a mere finger length from Sabit’s face. Twisting the man’s arm behind his back, Sabit pushed his face into the stone wall of the alleyway. He stubbornly clenched the knife in his fist. Sabit pushed harder. There was a crack and a scream. The knife clattered to the ground.

Kehnan faced the last attacker in the darkness of the alley. The cloaked figure bore two blades. While neither had the reach of Kehnan’s long, straight sword, together they wove a defense the bigger man could not seem to bypass. Metal clanged on metal as the two jabbed and parried.

Between exchanges, the two fighters studied one another’s movements, eyes alert to the slightest opening from their foe. A flash of moonlight. A small bronze dagger sunk deep in the cloaked figure’s eye. He dropped to the ground—a pile of dead flesh.

“He was mine, Mongoose!” Kehnan roared, turning to Sabit.

The spear woman was catching her breath, a smear of blood glistening on her cheek. “You were taking too long. The time for fighting is done.”

Stepping over the dead and the dying, Sabit threw her arms around Kehnan in a passionate kiss.



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