IGE at DexCon 11

Hi, all.

Time has all-but overtaken us this year. Kat and I would like to run an Indie Games Explosion at DexCon this year. The convention is in East Brunswick, New Jersey from Wednesday, July 16 to Sunday, July 20.

Unfortunately, that means that we will need event information by this Friday, June 13! If you run at least four events, we can secure you a free badge. If you run fewer than four events, we can still list your events with the rest of the Indie Games Explosion for increased exposure.

I will post this at The Forge and at Story-Games. Please re-post or link to it from wherever else you think might be helpful.

Please send your event information to my Gmail acount: stalwartip AT gmail DOT com

We will be registering all the games, but we’ll need all the info to fill out this form

I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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