A brief update

This past weekend was my birthday. My sneaky, sneaky wife planned a surprise party for me on Saturday. She even tricked me into cleaning up the house and mowing the lawn in preparation for my own party! So tricksy the wifey!

For those interested, I’ll be at the Nittany Game Invasion in beautiful State College, PA this Saturday. Should be a good time.

3 thoughts on “A brief update

  1. Hm. Unisystem is, well, solid. In play? I’ve only played at conventions, where I generally had a good time, because the gm and the players were in top form, and the system wasn’t in our way.
    I think that’s probably more important for me than for you — the systems that do nothing wrong are doing something right for me.
    My best experience with the Unisystem, unsurprisingly, was when I got into Todd Furler’s Angel game. It really doesn’t matter what system he uses; I’ve yet to find any of his games anywhere approaching dull.
    But, I don’t know if I’m likely to run Unisystem. I’d probably want to convert it to Over the Edge.

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