It’s Move-In Day!

Five years ago today, Kat and I became parents when Dalys came to live with us full-time. We’re having a little family cake-and-ice-cream kind of party.

She gets teased a bit because she gets so many of these throughout the year: her birthday, her move-in day, her name day (the day the adoption became official). Kat and I just say “We’ve got eleven years of birthdays to make up for.”

Can we ever really make up for those trying, turbulent years? Dalys is sixteen now and will likely be navigating her own turbulent life before too many more years pass. Some days I only see the ways she’s different than Kat and I.

But on days like today, I’m just happy that she’s ours.

(and that Kat learned how to make empinadas because of her–mmm, mmm, good!)

5 thoughts on “It’s Move-In Day!

  1. The first season of VM was really tight. I enjoyed it.
    The second season was fun but not quite as tight.
    It feels like the show really get’s by on the acting chops of the gal who plays Veronica and the guy who plays her dad. Every so often the writing is off the mark.
    But yeah, fun modernish noir.

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