And Oh, What a Lucky Man He Was

Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of that ambrosia called With Great Chili… knows that I’m a lucky man. Anyone who’s gamed with Kat, chatted with her, or read her stories or her insightful LiveJournal knows how fortunate I am have such an intellegent, creative woman by my side.

Yesterday, she went above and beyond.

Shortly before Dreamation, I learned that you didn’t need to be a member of GAMA to enter the Origins Awards, and that the deadline was January 31. I had a few extra copies that I could submit, so I figured I’d do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

However, both before Dreamation and afterward, I’ve been slammed with overtime. I spent the better part of the weekend in the office. I’ve been coming home drained & cranky. On Monday, the day before the deadline, I just plain didn’t have the gumption to get together all the niggling little stuff they wanted for the application packet. I figured I could pull an all-nighter to enter an award that I had no real chance of winning, or get some sleep before the next long day of work. I picked the sleep.

At work yesterday, Kat calls and says, “Do you have any company letterhead or do I have to make some?”

“Why? Are you doing the Origins Awards?”

“Yes.” Wow. That’s love. She got the entry packet to the post office 8 minutes before they closed.

Isn’t she the greatest?

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