An Amazing Film

Kat signed us up for NetFlix, partially because our old video store that had a bit of anime got bought by a chain. I hate chains. Our new video store doesn’t even have Spirited Away.

Anyway, we watched one of her first discs yesterday. Millenium Actress is, without a doubt, the best anime I’ve ever seen. A Japanese Citizen Kane, it flashes back to the life of this great actress, how her life is reflecting in her films, and in the periods of Japanese history where those films are set, and on the value of dreaming the Impossible Dream. Stirring, beautiful, moving.

I’ve got to design an RPG that does sweeping, flashback-format, “This is the story of life” stuff like this, Citizen Kane, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol. I love them all and I need to render them in RPGs.

But first, I’m working on a ghost story game with Kat. I kid you not.