The good and the bad

The bad thing about last night: I had to work 2 hours late (which was actually the least late I’ve been all week), but had to bring about an hour’s worth of work home with me.

The good thing about last night: Since I brought the work home, I got to listen to the Sons of Kryos Wicked Dead show while I did it. Great interview. This was only the 2nd SoK show I listened to (I have dial-up, so downloading is a logistical task), but I’m really liking them.

At one point in the show, Jeff is finishing up his “GM Tools” segment on GM screens. He’s listed some sort of survey results about the whys and hows of GM screens that he culled from an thread. I can tell he’s finished, and I’m thinking to myself “But he hasn’t said anything yet!”

At that moment, Judd says, “Jeff, you’ve gotta make a stand. This is podcasting, you’ve gotta say something.”

It’s cool to be on the same page with the recorded voice on the computer.