With Great Power: Master Edition

With Great Power: Master Edition is a role-playing game of melodramatic superheroes. It is self-published by Incarnadine Press.


With Great Power: Master Edition is now available for sale! Both physical books and electronic editions are now available worldwide. The electronic edition is included with every physical edition purchase and includes the complete PDF, the epub version, and the mobi version for use on Kindle devices, so that you can read the game on the device of your choosing.

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Physical and Electronic Editions Available

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Physical and Electronic Editions Available

United States and Worldwide
Electronic Edition ONLY


      • Use the hashtag #WithGreatPlay on your favorite social media to connect with other players.

Downloads of With Great Power: Master Edition play materials:

      • All play sheets, in letter-size PDF format, available here. This includes:
        • Basic Hero Sheet
        • Villain Sheet
        • Hero Player Rules Summary
        • Villain Player Rules Summary
        • Fan Faves sheet
        • Origin Mode Summary
      • Coming Soon:
        • Advanced Hero Sheet
        • All forms at A4-size

About the Origin Cards

Designed for the With Great Power role-playing game, this deck can spark ideas for your own superheroes and supervillains with any role-playing game! The cards are helpful, but not necessary to play With Great Power. The game book contains everything you need. The cards contain story prompts, and 54 origin questions like:

      • “Your powers came from an unrepeatable accident. Who was to blame? What else was lost?”
      • “You have to be careful about pushing your powers too far. What do you fear could happen?”
      • “You have inspired someone to follow in your footsteps. Who? How do you feel about their choice?”
      • “The mugger has a knife and a short temper. What do you do?”

Using the Cards for Origins

      1. Draw five origin cards.
      2. Answer the questions on any three of them—heroically for heroes, villainously for villains.
      3. You now have your character concept ready to go!
      4. For more well-rounded concepts, draw two cards from each suit and answer the question on one card from each suit.

Using the Cards for Story Prompts

The bottom of each card has prompts for scenes:

      • Personal: Day-in-the-life scenes with low stakes.
      • Adventurous: Who can save the day?.
      • Man-made Disaster: “Houston, we have a problem.”
      • Natural Disaster: “Natural” doesn’t mean “Safe.”
      • Location: Places for the prompts above to happen.
      • Exotic Location: Only in the pages of comic books!
      • Point: Steps of a supervillain’s plan. See With Great Power for details.

Here’s a sample Origin Card:

About The Master Edition

This is a completely rewritten and redesigned edition of With Great Power. If you are familar with the original edition published in 2005, you will find very few specific similarities to that game—no aspects, no suffering, no multiple decks of player cards. It’s a new decade and a completely reimagined game.

It still has the thought balloon. That’s way too fun to leave behind.

With Great Power: Master Edition was cloned from the personality engrams of Swords Without Master, available here. It is proud to be Descended from MonkeyDome.


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