It has begun…

I’ve been thinking about getting a LiveJournal for a while now. What cinched it this time was reading The Book of Judd. Judd’s simple, declaritive sentences have a power and vividness to them that I envy.

Y’see, I just spent four months wrasslin’ with the words for With Great Power… It wasn’t too much game design, mostly trying to express the design in a form that could be understood by people who weren’t me. It was a chore. Every sentence was a fight. Writing shouldn’t be so hard.

How do things get easier? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice.

I’ve got vague notions of what to do with this journal. Analysis of why certain games work the way they do. Preliminary thoughts about my own game designs (Like Matt Wilson’s The Dog Blog). My own ideas of how the Star Wars prequels should have been written. My thoughts about my own life (like my wife’s LJ).

We’ll just have to see whether this is something that thrives and adds to my life, or something that I drop by the wayside.

Only time will tell…