Betrayal: Nine

The ferocity of Sabit’s blow drove Kehnan back a step. A hot, red welt formed on his cheek. The big man grinned. “So you want to play with me, Mongoose?”

With the speed of a cobra, Kehnan launched a roundhouse punch at Sabit’s head. She leaned back at the last moment, his massive fist whooshing past her nose. The miss left the big man off-balance for a moment—the expanse of his body poised to collapse upon her. Dropping her spear, Sabit seized the opening and launched a series of quick blows to Kehnan’s well-muscled side.

Doubling over to shield himself from the attack, Kehnan bent low before Sabit. He took a breath and saw her launch the  quick knee-strike that her knew would follow.  Sabit’s knee struck his hip hard, but after so many years of sparring with her, he was ready for it. Grabbing her raised thigh with one massive paw, Kehnan pushed toward her. Both of the fighters toppled to the ground.

Sabit’s back hit the dusty road with a thud. Kehnan landed hard—his body pressed down on top of her.  Kehnan grinned. “Too bad you don’t remember me, Mongoose,” he muttered so only she could hear, “I remember all kinds of things we used to do in this position.”

Even as she gasped for breath, Sabit launched both hands toward Kehnan’s head. Both her palms struck his ears at the same moment. Kehnan screamed.  Shoving his bulk off of her, Sabit scrambled for her spear. Seizing it, she sprang to her feet, her chest heaving like a bellows.

Kehnan lay  helpless at her feet, still dazed from her blow. Sabit placed the iron tip of her spear against his throat.

— — —
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