Sisterhood of the Lioness: Eleven

For Dessine, trapped in the sorcerer’s spell, his wordless singing stretched to all eternity and beyond. Her life, open to the sorcerer’s unflinching gaze, was like a drop of rain before the endless ocean. She was nothing. He was everything. The song rose in pitch and tempo. The future beckoned. The blood she would spill at the sorcerer’s whim was—

The song stopped.

The sorcerer’s voice twisted and gurgled. Dessine could suddenly see his face, an expression of surprise beneath the thick yellow ocher.

A trickle of blood oozed from his lips. The sorcerer’s jaws wrenched wide. An iron-tipped spear point emerged from his throat, covered in blood.

“For the Pride,” came Sabit’s voice from behind the sorcerer’s corpse. The spear woman smiled in victory, her own cheeks gone ashen and cold.

Sabit’s eyelids fluttered and she collapsed on top of the sorcerer she had ended.



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