Sisterhood of the Lioness: Nine

With a single powerful swipe of her sword, Dessine lopped the head from the shoulders of the boy who had felled Sabit. Leaping over Sabit’s crumpled form, the chief huntress of the Pride charged toward the village center. Her high-pitched war-cry overwhelmed the sorcerer’s low, soft chanting.

Keeping her eyes low, Dessine ran straight toward the barrel where the sorcerer perched. Even his bare feet were coated in smears of vibrant red and yellow. Putting the force of her charge behind her blade, Dessine swung for the spell-shaper’s ankle. The loss of a foot would bring an end to this wicked sorcerer.

The bronze blade whistled through the air. The soft chanting rose in volume and pitch. The bronze blade struck the thick, red ocher coating the sorcerer’s skin.

The blade turned. Its keen edge bent, as surely as if it had struck solid rock. The shock of the blow jolted up Dessine’s arm. The sword fell from her grasp as she stumbled to the ground, her strong right hand useless at her side.

In that moment, the sorcerer was upon her.



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