Sisterhood of the Lioness: Seven

Sabit’s arm would not move. Her head would not turn. Her eyes would not blink. The sorcerer’s gaze bored into her skull like a dagger. Sabit’s muscles were locked as tight and unflinching as if she had been bound in steel chains.

The mass of enthralled villagers turned and charged toward the spear woman. Sabit’s feet would not take a step. She stood motionless before the oncoming wave of fists and teeth, clubs and pitchforks. A thousand possible attacks, parries, and maneuvers flashed through Sabit’s mind. Not a one could she execute as the mob was nearly upon her.

Dessine leapt from the cover of the building, tackling Sabit to the ground. The instant the sorcerer’s gaze no longer filled Sabit’s vision, the strength returned to her body. She rolled with the force of Dessine’s body, landing awkwardly at the base of the goat pen’s wall. Sabit’s spear clattered to the ground—too far from her hand.

And then, the villagers were upon them.



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