Bazaar of Death: Nineteen

“You heard Sabit, little man,” Kehnan’s voice thundered over the rising hubbub of the bazaar. “Leave her alone.”

The big man laid a hand on Allamu’s shoulder—Kehnan’s scarred knuckles contrasted the crisp crimson and white lines of Allamu’s tunic. The man from Urom lowered his voice, “Do not touch me. Do not touch her.” The threatening tone was unmistakable.

Kehnan pulled Allamu up. The smaller man spun to face his tormentor, eyes blazing. Allamu held himself ready to strike, unquailed by Kehnan’s tall, muscular form.

“Go away, Allamu,” Sabit said. Rarely had three simple words wrung such agony from her heart.

Allamu turned back to Sabit, eyebrows pinched in a look of confusion. “Sabit, whatever is wrong can be mended. We have been friends too long to part over a few rash words.” As as Sabit rose to her feet, Allamu’s cheeks rose in a warm smile.

In that smile, Sabit saw Allamu’s death. His loyalty had been tested too many times. It had never faltered. Allamu would not abandon her, no matter what.

That loyalty would be his doom.

Sabit would not allow it. She had seen such devotion before. Years ago, Sabit had faced the still-living Ishum and broken his heart.* To save the young prince of Ghabar,  she had used every cruel word she knew to smother the infatuation that burned in his heart. But her words were not enough, and Ishum had died. Words were not Sabit’s strength.

With the back of her hand, Sabit struck Allamu across the face. As he staggered back from the blow, Sabit placed both hands on his chest. She shoved him, hard. Taking the spear from her shoulder, she leveled its deadly iron tip at Allamu’s chest.

“We were never friends!” Sabit roared with a desperation as if a life depended on the fury of her words. “Get from my sight, you spineless, pampered, fool. If I ever see you or that scrawny archer again, I will drive my spear through your heart!”



*-Sabit’s past with the prince of Ghabar is detailed in Wayfarings of Sabit: Blossom of Ruin.



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