Pursuit: Twenty-Two

“I’ll see you dead before you chain anyone else,” Sabit roared as she charged Baza, water flying from her strides like wings. With her spear point leveled at the slave-catcher’s chest, Sabit closed the distance in a matter of heartbeats.

Baza kept his gaze locked on Sabit’s eyes. At the last moment, he shifted his weight, stepping to one side of the thrust spear. Inside the reach of Sabit’s bloody, iron spear point, Baza moved quickly to strike—he held his tattooed hand at the ready, fingers cupped to wrap around the spear woman’s throat. He noted that a thick, silver necklace of many chains rested around that throat, its ornaments of seven-pointed stars something he had never seen before, bright against Sabit’s dark brown skin. He was ready to defeat her.

Sabit’s kick caught Baza solidly in the gut. Agony engulfed his world as he doubled over, staggering away from spear woman.

Sabit did not lose a moment pursuing her injured foe. Illi lay motionless, face down in the river. Planting her spear in the river mud, Sabit bent low to grab the massive man at shoulder and hip. Heaving with all her might, the spear woman began to roll his massive form onto his back, his insensate form heavy as a boulder. As Illi’s face broke the water’s surface, he gulped down a huge breath of air.

A streak of white-hot pain surged through Sabit as the third slaver’s whip cut a stripe across her back. Her hold on Illi faltered, and the big man slumped back into his prone position, his face again covered by the water.

Her face a mask of battle-fury, Sabit glowered at the slaver as she reached for her spear. Her hand found only air.

Sabit turned. Baza was upon her. He wrapped his right hand around her throat. Faded, blue tattoos writhed across his fingers with arcane might—like the surface of a lake churned by the feeding frenzy below the surface.



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