Tumult: Seven

In the cavern in the cellar, the voice was everywhere. Its growling, guttural utterances shook the stone beneath Allamu’s feet, vibrated the chill air he breathed, and bored into the marrow of his bones. It was the sound of a predator about to feast, a fire devouring its fuel, a hook gutting a body. Although there were no true words within the storm of sound, Allamu had no doubt of its meaning.
Qays pulled against Allamu’s grip, trying desperately to flee back the way they had come. Allamu clambered up the passageway on the boy’s heels, his wet sandals sliding on the rough stone. The terrible sound ceased the moment they left the cavern behind, but none of the throng slowed their flight until they crowded into the cellar once more.
As the children and servants caught their breath, the sounds of battle echoed from the house above. There was a loud thud, and the snap of cracking wood. Sabit’s voice echoed down, shouting desperate orders.
Allamu checked his charges. None had been hurt. None were missing. All were terrified. Looking into the eyes of the gathered people, Allamu said, “It was only a noise. With the likes of you by my side, how could I let a noise dictate my actions? I am going to the river.”
Lifting Qays in his arms, Allamu started down the passageway once more.

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