Isle of the Wicked: Sixteen

“You should know that when Sabit learns what you are actually doing, she will kill every one of you,” Allamu said as he slowly walked down the passageway, Melcior’s dagger perilously poised at his throat.
“Sabit is a powerful warrior, and I am glad that I saved her from her cruel, impending death,” Melcior said. “But she is only a woman. And His Honor will allow no mortal—woman or man—to question the might and the virtue of Batuul. No one can resist Batuul’s call. No one. Soon you will see for yourself. We are here.”
The narrow passageway opened into a wider chamber, with torches set around the circumference. Several acolytes labored over paintings on the cave floor. In the center, a single figure appareled in ceremonial robes, stood before a stone pedestal. His flinty-eyed gaze was fixed on the silken sheet draped over something upon the pedestal.
“Your Honor,” Melcior called. “I have brought another stranger laden with sins for Batuul to devour.”
The central figure looked up, his eyes flashing even in the dim torchlight. His pale visage was drawn with deep furrows of disgust as his gaze fell upon Allamu.
At that moment, there came a massive rumble from another one of the side passages, like an avalanche. All eyes turned toward the noise.
Allamu seized on the distraction and smashed the back of his head into Melcior’s chin. The captain’s grip loosened and he staggered back a step. Allamu swiped the long knife and swung the burning torch at Melcior. The seaman fell.
Allamu ran back the way he had come, vanishing into the darkness of the passage.

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