Blossom of Ruin: Nineteen

In the stuffy tent, Allamu told Prioress Irkalla of the bizarre plant sprouted in the wastes, the twisted sativa-keeper, and the arcane properties of its petals. The grieving mother listened closely, her stoic cheeks wet with tears. Irkalla spoke of finding true justice. Allamu assured her that such a fine thing would be a balm to her heart, and the shade of her beloved Ishum.

He had not yet mentioned Sabit’s role in the affair when Aruru entered with her captive. Sabit stood silent and weaponless, surrounded on four sides by armed guards. Aruru brought the carefully-wrapped skull and blossom to the Prioress. The broken-hearted mother collapsed to her knees. Wails of sorrow filled the air.

When Irkalla’s eyes found Sabit, her grief and pain congealed into fury. “You did this! You broke his heart and made him unhappy in his home. I trusted you and he left because of you. He traveled to Elpasné because he thought he would find you there. He was in these badlands because of you. He is dead because of you! And your life is forfeit!”

Producing a blade from beneath her robe, Irkalla charged at Sabit, her eyes full of fury.


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