Blossom of Ruin: Sixteen

Running side-by-side over the uneven terrain, Sabit and Allamu kept ahead of the pursuing sentries. Both had long strides that ate up the distance to the white tent shining in the morning light. The sound of the sentries’ cries grew more distant.

Cloaked figures milled about the tent in the morning chill. Sabit was almost near enough to make out individuals. Two were servants hauling bowls of steaming porridge and mugs of strong tea to the Prioress’s tent. A third was an advisor with a long beard of plaited grey locks. The fourth had thrown open her cloak, revealing the captain’s armor that had once been Sabit’s.

The captain aimed a longbow and released an arrow.

Allamu let out a grunt. His run ended with a haphazard sprawl upon the rocky ground. The feathered end of an arrow protruded from his crumpled form.

Sabit looked back at her fallen companion. Glancing once more toward the tent of white silk, she slowed. Stopped. Turned back toward the spot where Allamu lay motionless on the ground.

Before Sabit could reach him, the guards were upon her.


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