Dreamation Top Secret Mouse Guard game

Friday evening I playtested Mouse Guard with Luke Crane, Russell Collins, and Luke’s friend Bob. I played Albrecht, and brown, low-ranking mouse with a white cloak. He was a cautious, conniving weather watcher. I love how both here and in Burning Empires the strict limits of how many rolls you can make focuses gameplay on strictly what’s important and cut off the directionless fat. It’s a scaled-down version of BW that I’m pretty certain I can use, and that I’ll enjoy even more than the Mouse Guard comics. I still need to make a little chart to see what’ legit to use when helping yourself and helping others. But anyway, we cleared the infestation of squirrels from Ivydale, smearing their blood hither and yon. This, of course, attracted a hungry fox that very nearly gobbled me up. Luckily, I so impressed the mayoress of Ivydale that she has requested my permanent reassignment to her fair city. I had to betray the best interests of my two fellow mice to make that deal, but nothing can come from nothing, right?