Thor’s Call to Action!

Over in The Well of Urd, Thor had this to say:

what’s next for us as a movement of people that are trying to create and innovate and as people running our own businesses? What do we need to do to improve? How do we market better? How do we distribute our product better?

Since Blogger won’t let me post a comment over there. Here’s my take on things:

Greg C. has been talking about the need for indie computer games at least since he reviewed the NPA. Glad we had some small part.

One thing we can do is to design games that actually fit into people’s busy, busy lives. Low to no prep time. Provides meaningful play in a few (or a single) sessions. Needs only common stuff (no funky polyhedrals). Addresses imagined content that non-gamers can identify with (i.e., no Lasersharking). Be as clear as possible what each player’s options are, and the likely consequence of each option, at each decision point in the game.

Okay, now I’ve stated my design goals for R.I.P. What was the question again? 8^)