Fiction: Tales of Oshala the Hex

A world of dark sorcery—a time of sharpened bronze. Oshala the Hex makes her way through this rugged landscape, amassing power. By what means? To what end? The Tales of Oshala the Hex chronicles her journeys in a series of spine-tingling short stories in the sword-and-sorcery genre.

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The Mercy We Make

An ancient mountain fastness. Within, untold arcane power, and unyielding deathless guardians. Can Oshala the Hex escape where multitudes have fallen? Will her mission of mercy end in triumph, or eons of unending torment?

A Life Worth Dying For

The pale tower of the Academy has governed the city of Lytrops with wisdom and learning for centuries. When Oshala the Hex finds the entire city forced into menial labor and her lover beset by restless spirits, what price will she pay to break their chains?

Battle of Oak and Acorn

An ancient battlefield holds both a deathly curse and the potential for a brighter future. Can Oshala the Hex lay to rest two armies of spectres locked in centuries of conflict, or will the blood of innocents water this field once more?