IGX Timeline

A Timeline for the Indie Games eXplosion at Dreamation 2017

From now up to January 15

  • [GMs] Submit your events using this form
  • [GMs and Players] Keep an eye on the IGX schedule as it forms. Excitedly discuss what games you’re most excited about.
  • [GMs and Players] Reserve your hotel room. Be certain to mention “Dreamation” when you reserve. Details available here.
  • [GMs and Players] Make your travel arrangements.
  • [Players, but not GMs] Pre-register for the convention here.
  • [GMs and Players] Review Double Exposure’s anti-harassment policy, available here.

Between January 15 and February 8

  • [GMs] You will receive your special code that will allow you to pre-register for the con. Once you have it, please pre-register here
  • [GMs] You must pre-register for your badge to receive discounted admission. No discounts will be offered at the door.
  • [GMs] Prepare your games. Put your best foot forward.

February 8–February 16

Arriving at the Convention (February 16–19)

  • [GMs and Players] When you arrive at 3 Speedwell Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey, head for the registration desk, at the rear of the convention center.
    • You’ll need photo ID to pick up your badge.
    • [GMs] Your GM badge entitles you to use of the Staff Den, with sustenance throughout the convention. The exact location of the Staff Den varies from con to con, so be sure to ask at the registration desk.
  • [GMs] Go to “Big Board” (generally right across the hall from registration) to pick up your event forms (also known as TAFs or Tournament Allocation Forms). You will have one for each event you are running.
  • [GMs and Players] The actual sign-up sheets for the IGX games will be posted in the Conference Center, near where many (but not all) of the games will be held.
    • Pre-registered players will be printed on the event forms.
    • If you’re interested in an event and it has an open seat, just write down your name and badge number to reserve your place.
    • Most events also have rooms for alternates to sign-up, in case someone registered cannot attend.
    • If you cannot attend an event that you’ve reserved a seat in, cross out your name so everyone knows there is an available seat.

Playing the game at the Convention

  • [GMs and Players] At the proper time, head to your table.
    • Try to arrive a few minutes early.
    • Table numbers will be listed:
      • In the program book
      • On the event sign-up sheets
      • On the event forms / TAFs
      • At the tables themselves
  • [GMs and Players] At the table, make everyone feel welcome and safe
    • Make introductions
    • State expectations as early as possible
    • If someone is causing a problem:
      • Call for a break and speak to them separately
      • If that doesn’t work, you can ask them to leave the game
  • [GMs] Fill out event forms / TAFs.
    • Include your badge number.
    • Include the badge number of everyone who actually plays the event.
    • That’s it.
  • Remember that Double Exposure’s Anti-Harassment policy is in force throughout the convention.
  • Enjoy your game!
    • Take breaks when people need it.
    • Try to end a few minutes before the next slot begins so that people can get to their next event.
  • If you have a problem and need assistance, please see:
    • Michael S. Miller or Kat Miller
    • Any of the Double Exposure convention staff (Green badges)

After your event

  • [GMs] Hand in the completed event forms / TAFs at one of these locations:
    • the “Big Board” where you picked them up
    • RPGA headquarters in the conference center
  • Enjoy the rest of your convention!

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